Duracell Power Center Microinverters

A family of single, dual and quad microinverters.

Lower Cost, Higher Power

Duracell Power Center’s microinverters deliver a lower cost, higher yield per panel PV installation. That means you can use fewer microinverters to generate more power. And because it’s Duracell, you know it’s safe and reliable. 

Fast, Easy & Flexible 

You can choose from fewer panels now and easily upgrade in the future. Or get more power with less roof space from the very beginning.

The AC trunk cable format permits any combination of the three models to optimize even the most complex rooftop installations.

Why Duracell?

Choosing the best microinverter technology is one of the important decisions you’ll make when going solar. These small but powerful microinverters are the unsung heroes of any solar system.

With Duracell, you know you’re getting the extra power you want without sacrificing safety, efficiency or reliability.